Colin Miller

Colin Miller is a British photographer based in Brighton and Hove. His photographs have been described as ‘minimalist’, ‘impressionistic’ and ‘enigmatic’, although he most treasures a comment overheard at an  exhibition,  ‘he should have gone to Specsavers’. Colin’s work seeks to answer the basic challenge that all urban based photographers face, that is how do you begin to photograph the visual chaos of a big city?

Colin’s images embrace the challenge by exploring the visual chaos, he highlights  the fleeting, the ambiguous  and the multilayered.

He says ‘ my photography is about people and how they shape and fit into the landscape.  People in movement,  in the  shadows, glimpsed not seen, as reflections and impressions. I don’t think we ever properly see the people we share the space with fellow commuters, people on the street,  those who serve us such as the cooks, the waiters, the retail workers, the drivers, the cleaners, those people who sit for hours in empty lobbies in giant glass buildings are, to all intents and purposes, invisible.  But these are the people who are often  the hardest working, the lowest paid, the most exploited.  They are always in the background but never seen’. 

His explorations of  landscapes, building and close studies employs a similar sensibility, exploring the basic bare bones of the place.  

‘You can’t really begin to explore a place unless your willing to question the so-called rules of photography, how and when to take a photo, how you compose a shot, how you treat an image post production, all that stuff that can be so prevalent in photography’  

Colin has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. His photographs have been accepted in a number of exhibitions including the Royal Photographic Society and the prestigious London Salon of Photographers, the annual exhibition of the London Independent Photographers and the Brighton and Hove Photo Biannual Photofringe.  

He was awarded an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2009.

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